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What is the revitaliser warranty?

There is a 12-month warranty on the product, however if damage occurred due to incorrect use or negligence, the warranty will be void. If a machine is returned within 7 days from purchase, it will be replaced free of charge provided the damage is of a manufacturing nature. After the 7 days and for the duration of the 1st month, the machine (except the bowl) will be repaired free of charge. Thereafter and for the remainder of the 12 months, repairs will also be free of charge provided that recommended user- and maintenance instructions were followed correctly.

Can a pregnant woman use the product?

Yes, as the fragrances are very gentle when inhaled. However, if she is sensitive towards certain fragrance smells, she should rather test the effect first. Following the recommended usage is important.

Are the fragrances biodegradable and environment friendly?

Yes, as all components used are derived from natural plant extracts combined with water. None of these derivatives are corrosive, hazardous or toxic in the ratios which they are used.

Where should I place the revitaliser to get the maximum benefit?

The best place to put the machine would be near the centre of the room, but avoid placing it in a draft.

Can I only use water in the revitaliser?

By just using water you will merely have a hydration effect. By adding the revitaliser fragrance you will enhance the hydration effect, capture impurities and pollutants, eliminate microbes and bad odours and release beneficial aroma therapeutic oil- and water molecules.

Is the product safe to use with animals, birds and plants?

Yes, because the released vapours contain only human and environmentally friendly plant extracts and water.

What our customers say …

"We purchased our first Fabulous Aire™ system in 2010. The first benefit that we experienced was a dramatic reduction in sinus related headaches and respiratory infections. The air in our home smells great since and visitors to our home frequently comment on this."

Ben Klopper (Secunda)
"I have been suffering with sinuses for as long as I can remember and I can honestly say that the use of Fabulous Aire™ significantly reduced my symptoms and it also leaves the room smelling fresh, clean and free of dust."
Jenevieve Swartz (Windhoek)
"Ek gebruik my Fabulous Aire™ al vir 3 jaar en het altyd chroniese brongitis gekry. Vandat ek dit gebruik het ek nog nie een jaar weer siek geword nie. My longe funksioneer baie beter en ek voel altyd baie goed."
Marietjie Janse van Rensburg (Potchefstroom)
“We were at a Hotel in Umhlanga for the holiday and both rooms we were checked into really smelt BAD, but once they brought the “Fabulous Aire™ Revitaliser” the smells disappeared! After we got back, I could not forget how nice it smelled and contacted them to get the exact details of the products. We have since been using it in our home and now it smells awesome (not that it smelt bad before)! We would definitely recommend Fabulous Aire™ to anyone, especially if you have odours that won’t go away!”
Adri Labuschagne (Pretoria)

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