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We help pet owners reduce pet odours indoors by 99% in 2 hours, enjoy refreshing clean air in minutes and stop wasting money on air cleaning products that do not work.

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The Challenges of Indoor Pet Odours

As pet owners, we love our pets, but they can cause some serious discomfort, allergies or respiratory infections due to the continuous release of bad odours, dander and bacteria in our homes. These air pollutants arouse some concerning questions:

  • Does my air freshener really eliminate Cat Dog and Horse 22unwanted pet odours, dander and bacteria from my indoor air?
  • How do I effectively remove these airborne threats safely without causing more health risks to my loved ones?
  • Where do I find the ultimate air purifying system to provide me with clean, fresh and healthy air all day long?

Did you know that Fabulous Aire™ Revitalisers remove airborne odours by 99%, allergens by 78% and bacteria by 82% in 2 hours from a 75-100 m² area?

This simply means you can stop using ineffective products to try and remove these airborne threats from your home.

We want to show you how this amazing product effectively removes these air pollutants from your home, so you and your pet can enjoy clean, fresh and healthy air indoors all day long. You can do this without having to buy numerous expensive devices or waste money on air freshener products that do not work.

How to Remove Pet Odours from Your Home


The Fabulous Aire Revitaliser™ uses water and specially formulated essential oil concentrates to create an air-purifying filter which removes pollutants from the air as it’s drawn from your room through the unit and released back into the room. The clean air is filled with moisture and aromatherapeutic molecules to benefit breathing and create a fabulous ambience in your room. The result is a truly remarkable breathing experience to enjoy in minutes.

The Fabulous Aire Revitaliser™ does this in 3 stages simultaneously:

  1. The Air Purifier - traps and removes bad odours, allergens and bacteria from your indoor air.
  2. The Vaporiser - releases water- and essential oil molecules to absorb odours, eliminate airborne bacteria and neutralize chemicals, released by your pets, and create a relaxing, refreshing and uplifting ambience in your home.
  3. The Air Revitaliser - provides aromatherapeutic benefits with the clean air when you breathe to support respiratory relief, relax the body, improve mental clarity and uplift your mood.

An amazing all in one product that ultimately provides you with CLEAN, FRESH and HEALTHY AIR to breathe all day long.

Our Product

Our Guarantee

The Fabulous Aire™ Revitaliser Bundle is:

  • Effective (get results in minutes),
  • Efficient (use only 16W – about the same as an energy saving bulb),
  • Affordable (cost less than R5.00 per day to use),
  • And save you money (replaces an air purifier, vaporizer, nebuliser, air sanitizer, humidifier, ionizer, de-odouriser and air freshener valued at over R10 000.00.)

The good news is, the Fabulous Aire™ Revitaliser Pet Odour Bundles (Machine, 250ml Revitaliser Fragrance and 100ml Room Spray) is available today for only R891.00 (250ml Fragrance provides 25 to 50 applications).

This is an absolute must-have product in every pet owner’s home. Once you have it, you wouldn’t want to be without it ever again and that is a guarantee.

Here is our guarantee to you! If you use our product for 30 days and did not experience any benefits, we’ll give your money back, no questions asked. Just return the unit to us and we will refund you.

So, what do you have to lose? Get your Fabulous Aire Revitaliser™ Bundle today and enjoy a life-changing breathing experience in your home.

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