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Why does the revitaliser foam up and the water stop moving when using it?

The airflow through the machine causes the water movement. When your machine is on for a couple of hours, an ever-growing foam layer (which is the dirt trapper) will form on the water surface the longer the machine runs. This is due to the release of oil-, fragrance- and water molecules into the air and in ratio, becoming less compared to the trapper component (foam) which stays behind. The foam layer acts like a buffer suppressing the movement of the water by sticking to the side of the bowl. The thicker the foam the less movement you will have. Due to difference in volatility of certain oils this could happen sooner with some, than with others. Please shake your fragrance bottle well before adding 5-10 ml to the water in the bowl, as inconsistency of the components can cause excess foam. Chemicals in the water and air can also be a cause. It is better to use filter water if your tap water is not of a good quality. The solution for excessive foam is to clean the bowl, add fresh water and fragrance and switch on.

Has the product been tested and approved?

The product has undergone extensive independent testing in the working environment at the Chemvi Laboratory in Singapore over a 48-hour period. The test method was based on those used by the US National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health. These tests showed that the product was effective in reducing Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC) by 99%, dust, pollen and other particles by 78% and airborne bacteria, fungi and viruses by 82% in the air within 2 hours.

How do I use the product?

Remove the lid from the water bowl, pour 2 litres of cold water into the bowl and add 5 to 10 ml (1 to 2 caps full) of Revitaliser Fragrance to the water for the Leaf Revitaliser (or 3ml to 5ml for the Dome Revitaliser which holds 850ml of water). Replace the lid, plug in the power lead and turn on the unit. The rotating fan and funnel creates an airflow through the unit and simultaneously creates a spray of tiny droplets (acting as a filter) inside the unit’s air chamber. This swirling motion and air-purifying spray scrubs the air clean from impurities and releases the clean air together with the essential oil fragrance- and water molecules back into the room for aroma therapeutic and other health benefits during breathing.

What are the benefits of the product?

Benefits Include:

  • Cleaner, fresher and healthier air to breathe

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How often must I replace the water in the revitaliser?

The water should be replaced every 24 hours in the Dome Revitaliser (850ml) and every 48 hours in the Leaf Revitaliser (2 litres).

Why do my eyes, nose and throat feel irritated when I use similar products?

Your body can have an allergic reaction or irritation when it is exposed to unknown, inferior or synthetic ingredients in similar products. When product formulations contain natural human friendly ingredients like ours, the body can associate and harmonise better with it and will respond more favourably towards it. It is always important to confirm whether a product contains synthetic ingredients or not.

What our customers say …

"We purchased our first Fabulous Aire™ system in 2010. The first benefit that we experienced was a dramatic reduction in sinus related headaches and respiratory infections. The air in our home smells great since and visitors to our home frequently comment on this."

Ben Klopper (Secunda)
"I have been suffering with sinuses for as long as I can remember and I can honestly say that the use of Fabulous Aire™ significantly reduced my symptoms and it also leaves the room smelling fresh, clean and free of dust."
Jenevieve Swartz (Windhoek)
"Ek gebruik my Fabulous Aire™ al vir 3 jaar en het altyd chroniese brongitis gekry. Vandat ek dit gebruik het ek nog nie een jaar weer siek geword nie. My longe funksioneer baie beter en ek voel altyd baie goed."
Marietjie Janse van Rensburg (Potchefstroom)
“We were at a Hotel in Umhlanga for the holiday and both rooms we were checked into really smelt BAD, but once they brought the “Fabulous Aire™ Revitaliser” the smells disappeared! After we got back, I could not forget how nice it smelled and contacted them to get the exact details of the products. We have since been using it in our home and now it smells awesome (not that it smelt bad before)! We would definitely recommend Fabulous Aire™ to anyone, especially if you have odours that won’t go away!”
Adri Labuschagne (Pretoria)

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